Commit 4277f931 authored by Kyle Larsen's avatar Kyle Larsen
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Accidentally broke function while editing docstrings. Next time, I'll make sure to run the tests!

parent 76637798
......@@ -72,7 +72,16 @@ class FV:
containing the required scan parameters. See pyMFD.scan_params
for information on the required parameters.
c = self.get_pixel_size()
self.fv_filename = fv_filename
self.sc_params_filename = self.fv_filename + ".json" if sc_params_filename is None else sc_params_filename
self._fv_params_func = fv_params_func
self._fv_data_func = fv_data_func
self._sc_params_func = sc_params_func
self.fv_params = self._fv_params_func(self.fv_filename, **fv_params_kwargs)
(self.z_piezo, self.tm_defl) = self._fv_data_func(self.fv_filename, self.fv_params, **fv_data_kwargs)
self.sc_params = self._sc_params_func(self.sc_params_filename, **sc_params_kwargs)
self.pixel_size = self.get_pixel_size()
def get_pixel_size(self, scan_size=None, scan_points=None):
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