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......@@ -20,9 +20,9 @@ import gitlabIcon from './gitlab.svg'
* 6. Deploy!
import image from './drag-n-drop.gif'
export const currentVersion = '1.1.0'
export const versionReleaseDate = DateTime.fromISO('2019-11-21', {zone: 'America/Denver'})
import image from './usermanagement.png'
export const currentVersion = '1.2.0'
export const versionReleaseDate = DateTime.fromISO('2019-12-19', {zone: 'America/Denver'})
const localStorageKey = 'inq-changelog__last-version'
export const versionIsNew = Math.abs(versionReleaseDate.diffNow().as('days')) <= 3
......@@ -58,26 +58,25 @@ export default function ChangelogContainer(){
<div className={styles.content}>
{/* Update image alt text */}
<img src={image} alt="Drag n Drop gif"/>
<img src={image} alt="User Management Screenshot"/>
{/* New Features section */}
<h3 className={styles.blueHeader}><span role="img" aria-label="smile">😍</span> New Features</h3>
<li><strong>Drag n' Drop:</strong> Now you can easily move tasks between and reorder them in columns!</li>
<li><strong>User Management:</strong> Users can now be added to and removed from projects!</li>
{/* Improvements section */}
<h3 className={styles.yellowHeader}><span role="img" aria-label="rocket">🚀</span> Improvements</h3>
<li>Removed unecessary exit button on Task Details on mobile</li>
<li>Added shortcut button for assigning a task to yourself</li>
<li>Added link to markdown reference for comments and notes</li>
{/* Bug fixes section */}
<h3 className={styles.redHeader}><span role="img" aria-label="bug">🐞</span> Bug Fixes</h3>
<li>Fixed overflow issues on Firefox and Safari</li>
<li>Fixed issue with new tasks not being ordered correctly on creation</li>
<li>Made appbar only show project bar when actually on a project page</li>
<li>Fixed inconsistent text overflow on the project list page</li>
<div className={styles.readMore}>
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